Nature Group ID is founded on the believe that nature product from indonesia is one of the best. At whatever path of life you are in, we can serve that purpose. We truly believe that as you step with us, we can give for your special moments.

Nature Group ID are currently partnering with local farmers in Java and Sumatra – Indonesia. Because we believe in local values and the importance of continuing culture of our country and serve it to you classically or in unison with the right ingredients you will truly enjoy.

Nature Group ID believe that as we embark on this journey together, there are endless possibilities of how we can strive to capture life and all its goodness.


Our vision is to be the largest agriculture company in Indonesia.
Our mission is to make the use of “Nature Group ID products” as part of community life needs.

Our team

Anton Lay


Anton Lay was born in Indonesia, who just regular folks sharing the same passion for coffee and obsessed with consistency. He believe the first step of appreciating coffee starts with the farmers and they play an important role in advancing the coffee industry.

Abednego Nicholas

CO Founder

Abednego Nicholas is someone who has learned to do business in his life, and took the opportunity to enter the world of spices. With the excellent quality of Indonesian spices, he believes that these spices can be well developed into local and international markets. Working with farmers throughout the Indonesian archipelago, of course will get the best quality.

Yohanes Sukarno

head of business development

Yohanes Sukarno an experienced business development since 2011. Experienced in market research, analysis and evaluating growth strategies. Adept at networking with decision makers, conducting business introductions, and growing a customer base. Excellent communications and presentation skills.

Norman Way

Head of operation

Norman Way who had experience at business analyst and web development, his dream is become the exporter from the agricultural and organic sector with his skill.

Why Us?

Consistent Quality Results

We provide products with consistent quality results

Best Products

The best products from the best regions in Indonesia

Competitive Price Best Quality

We Provide The Best Price with the Best Quality

Good After Sales Service

We Provide a Very Good After Sales Service to Customers

Experience Team

We are Experience Team Who Can Work With You More Easier

Our Address

RS Soekanto No. 8, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta – DKI Jakarta